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After 120 rejections I changed the format of my query letters to those listed below and received two
contracts. They are provided to individuals in my workshops who've asked for samples and may be used
by you personally, but not given to any one else, placed on the web or released in any other media.

If your little sister was viciously murdered, and the guilty slipped through the courts, would you
allow them to live?  As a decorated Army Ranger, you are honor bound to defend the helpless.
You have the skills, the training, and the will to exact revenge, but do you have the right? With their
blood on your hands, are you still a hero?  What if a part of you enjoys the kill? Can you live with
the nightmares that haunt your soul? Does the vow to serve your country apply to upholding the
laws of the land, or is there a higher, more primal law?  Can a principled man come to terms with
the guilt of his sins and save civilization from disaster?

In the thriller novel
Tainted Hero, the resolution of Eric Emerson’s moral dilemma allows the
reader to predict his actions within the broader context of the plot, but not with absolute certainty.  
Eric struggles with the concept of right and wrong in contrast with social norms. Each time those
close to him are harmed, he must choose between two courses: do what is morally reasonable to
defend those he loves, or observe standards of conduct established in a society. With the help of
the heroine Samantha Cassidy, Eric is able to vanquish his demons, until they stumble upon the
Osiris study. The secretive government report predicts the demise of civilization unless there are
draconian sacrifices.  The attempt to unravel the mysterious nature of the study causes Eric and
Sam to be targeted for assassination, until he can remove the threat.  Finally, Eric discovers he must
again embrace the dark side of his character, if Mankind is to survive.

Tainted Hero examines the premise: Sometimes good men do bad things for the right reasons.
Although male readers will enjoy the action and suspense of the story, this character-driven thriller
is targeted toward the experienced female audience ages twenty-five to fifty.  Readers that find it
appealing to delve into the character of a less-than-pure protagonist will resonant with the novel.  
Those that gravitate toward the development of a romantic core with a strong and diverse female
role will be absorbed in the story.

The completed manuscript is 94300 words.  A synopsis of the novel is attached. If there is interest,
please email me and I’ll forward whatever additional material you require. Thank you

Michael Davis (

Life in the small town of Lawton, VA is everything you can imagine: wonderful people, beautiful
vistas, and a peaceful environment to raise your family, except for one thing. The greed and vanity
of a few men has exacted a heavy toll on the community, and no one knows.  Not those seeking
treatment from the hospital, only to have their lives stolen. Not the children suffering from a
misdiagnosed affliction. Only Sara knows. In her subconscious mind, the nightmares that haunt her
sleep, they show her the confusing truth. The anguish of the children in her special education class
imprints the reality of what’s happening in the town. Each time she tries to conceive, her mind
projects the images onto her unborn child, but she never verbalizes her fears to her husband. Until
the true sinister nature of the clandestine Eternal Wind operation is revealed and the couple is forced
to struggle for their lives.

Forgotten Children explores the premise: Greed is blind to human suffering. Although male
readers will enjoy the suspense and powerful storyline, this character-driven medical thriller is
targeted toward the female audience ages twenty-five to fifty. Readers will enjoy the humorous
antics between the hero and heroine. Those that favor a strong female character, and believe that
the bond between a man and woman can provide the will to confront tremendous obstacles, will be
absorbed into
Forgotten Children. Readers that relate to the axiom limitless wealth in the hands
of ruthless people can only lead to evil deeds will resonate with the novel.    

The completed manuscript is 94000 words.  A synopsis of the novel is attached. If there is interest,
please contact me  and I will forward whatever additional material you require.  Thank you.

Michael Davis (
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