Codi gaped her legs, only slightly, but enough to draw his attention. She completed signing the affidavit and returned his gold pen. “What next?”
Bret nudged his head as if to gaze away, but he was a man. One deprived of the taste of flesh, forbidden by his archaic ethos of what was proper,
what was right, but this was different. She wanted what he needed, what could be more right than that? Of course there were taboos--the age
difference, the lack of finality in his divorce, the complication of work relationships, not to mention she was his subordinate. She clicked each
obstacle over in her mind, yet the nature of her desires, her feelings toward this man just reaffirmed her determination. Codi understood his
reluctance, he had more to lose, but who would ever know?
The time was now, here. When would the opportunity be riper, her courage more resolved. Codi lifted her right leg until the exposure stirred a chill.
Instead of looking away, his focus endured as he licked her caramel colored inner thigh with his eyes and studied the wave of tiny bumps signaling
something. Then again, as always, his eyes conveyed confusion, uncertainty for the message being sent. “What’s going on?”
“What’d you mean?”
Bret pointed at her head. “You’re feverishly combing those follicles with your fingers again. Something dangerous is going on inside.”
Codi scrunched her nose and redirected the discussion. “I know you’re trying to finish the report for your replacement, so I’m out of here.” She
rose from the desk and stated, “Just one more thing,” then bent and whispered, “before I go,” and kissed him on his forehead, insuring that her
tongue graced the surface of his skin. “Thanks, Bret. I’ve always appreciated how you’ve cared for me.”
Codi hovered above, washed the residual flavor of his taste from her lips and waited.
Nothing. Fine, I won’t be ignored like before.
She eased gently into his lap, only this time, it wasn’t a friendly peck on the head. She wrapped her arms around his thick neck, pulled him in and
made full contact with those lips. Those hot, but ever so soft lips. She used her tongue as a ram and split them open to his inner cavity, inhaled his
breath, the moist spicy nectar of his mouth.
He didn’t pull away, until she did. “What are we doing here, Codi?”
She panned his eyes, those inquiring but confused eyes, and planned the next move, visualized taking control, consuming his muscular frame,
caressing the ripples down his abdomen till she had consumed everything. “What I wanted to do for so long, but was too afraid.”
And you were too damn dense.
She trailed kisses along his neck, around to the inside of his ear, and still he didn’t pull away, yet his body responded. Beneath her, she felt it,
coming alive, searching for more.
Codi placed both hands on his burning face, fought to hold back the feathers twirling below her stomach, her tiny breast flaring up through her
blouse in reply to his reaction, what was happening with the man below her, the energy in his lap spurring her to go further. “Understand now.”
“Sure this is what you want? Once we open the gate, venture down this path, there’s no return, Codi. The stone will be cast and you and I, what
we are, our connection together; it will never be the same. Are you prepared, I mean have you considered the potential end point and how…”
She cut him off. “I’m counting on it. Now shut up. You talk too much.” She returned to his lips, followed by unbuttoning his shirt, weaving her thin
fingers delicately against his pectorals. She combed the soft hair in the valley, gentling stroked his nipple until it grew rigid.
A low-pitched moan spanned the gap between them and the direction of the attack shifted. His demeanor changed, the broad chest expanded,
contracted. Bret’s heartbeat, his pulse elevated through his body across to hers. His face tightened, eyelids lowered, nostrils flared. She knew what
was about to ensue, that she was the meal being served to a starving male and it fired along the fibers of every nerve in her body. The images
flooded her mind, the impending forbidden act, the quenching of her own erotic thirst with his. The stimulus became too much and between opened
lips, Codi issued a prolonged drone, a siren’s call for more.
His massive tongue invaded her small mouth, plummeted deeper until she drowned in the minty favor dancing across her taste buds. Her lungs cried
out for air, yet her body begged, don’t stop, go further, complete the journey.
Codi merged with his movements. His muscles contorted, radiated an inferno of energy and it enveloped her, blurred who she was, her role, the path
she’d thought out. The sensual smell emanating from her body had pulled the trigger, escalated his actions. Gravity disappeared and her form floated
in mid air for an instant before everything visual rotated one hundred and eight degrees…

 Excerpt 2
Graham switched the synchronizer into the circuit and immediately felt the low pitch hum vibrating from his skull into his teeth. “Shit!” He flipped
the plastic face protector down on his helmet and the discomfort stopped. “I hate that. Feels like it’s rattling my fillings.”
He stepped over and closed the exit door to the control room just as his assistant Jones yelled back into the microphone. “What’d you say?”
“Wait a minute.” Graham slammed at the receiver dial on the side of his helmet and switched down the volume. “I said… Oh never mind, just hurry
Jones gave a thumb up sign, focused the camera lens onto the cage, and hurried back inside the control room. They watched the monitor as the
primates trapped inside the chamber grew more frantic, more agitated, as if they were about to be dropped into a pool of snapping alligators.
The larger male of the three rhesus monkeys performed somersaults while the two females jerked at the metal door. “It’s almost like they know
what’s coming? Every time we run the test, they act up like this. Makes you feel kind of…you know.”
Graham shook his head. “You’re imparting human behavior on animals. They’re just reacting to the pre-ignition vibration. It drives me crazy every
damn time without the helmet in place, like someone’s running a jackhammer against my teeth. Besides, the target must be living tissue. Now move
Graham reset the frequency scale and stared into the video camera. “Sorry about cutting out on everyone. We had a minor problem. Test Seven
Charlie of the Silent Thunder program blew all the breakers. We’ve cut back the input power. Hopefully, we’ll be able to obtain resonance this time.”
He turned to his assistant. “I think we’re ready. Check the focal length at the point of the target.”
Jones read the dial off the laser range finder. “Sixty-two yards to the wall plus about three more inside the chamber to the cage.”
Graham adjusted the incident angle of each wave generator atop the black box outside the window so they would converge at sixty-five yards. He
rotated the knob on the side of his helmet to channel one. “ST Test 7C. Targets are live subjects. Frequency is set at twelve gigahertz. The
converging Theta waveforms at the focal point should generate an energy pulse of two mega joules and establish the necessary resonance pattern to
initiate the Tesla Effect. Beginning the test in three two one, Now!”
He lifted the safety shield covering the firing switch and slammed the toggle lever forward, but nothing happened. “What the… Crap.” He swung his
head away from the screen toward Jones and flipped to channel three. “Did you reset the breakers on the second power generator?”
Jones sheepishly glanced at the video recorder. “Be right back.” He opened the exit door, hurried outside, and veered right away from the test
Graham shook his head, and switched back to channel one. “Sorry, everyone. Just take a second. Somebody forgot to reset the auxiliary power
A voice came through the helmet speakers and warned, “Our instruments indicate the igniter switch is still in the on position.”
“What?” But it was too late. The cone-shaped extrusions on top of the black box began to glow blue. Two circular tunnels, eight inches in diameter,
formed between the device and the gray wall of the test subject chamber.  The horizontal columns appeared as translucent arms ramming into the
gray wall down range, like the wavy air that rises from a black road in the desert.
“No!” Graham reached for the igniter switch just before a voice broadcast from the intercom, “You can’t cut it off while he’s out there! The flux
capacitor must discharge or it’ll explode and kill him.”
He pulled his hand back slowly and watched the screen. The image became foggy as if the very air molecules in the room were vibrating rapidly,
then it cleared to three animals screaming, as if their bodies were boiling from the inside out.
Graham pressed the button on the side of his ear set. “We have visual penetration.” There were three bright bursts of light, like flash bulbs, followed
by skeletal outlines on the monitor. In an instant, a pop like a cork from a champagne bottle broadcast from the screen and the skeletal figures
disappeared leaving behind nothing but a fine layer of black and white powder lining the base of the cage. There were no life forms, no clambering
animals, just a sound like a cracking whip as the fuzzy columns of air extending from the wave generators snapped back inside the cones.
From the microphone in the screen, someone yelled, “It worked. My God, it actually worked!”
Graham barked into his helmet, “Jones, are you all right?”
A geek face in horn-rimmed glass popped through the door. “Jesus, look what happened to my visor.” He shook his head as if to clear his senses.
“Never felt anything like that. I was thirty feet from the beam and it was like bees were stinging the inside of my skull. We’ve got to eliminate that
collateral vibration before this thing gets deployed into urban operations.”
Graham switched off his mike, flipped up his visor, and offered an awkward grin. “You scared the shit out of me.” He turned his intercom back on
and explained, “General Adkins, Mr. Thurman, I assume now that we’ve successfully destroyed an encapsulated target, we move to our next
“Ahhhhhh.” Graham turned toward the sound of an afflicted animal, but instead found Jones clutching his temples. “Stop it.”
“What the hell are you doing?”
“Please, the pain. It’s drilling into my…” Jones slammed his head against the helmet again and again. Graham reached out, grabbed him by the arms,
and followed him to the floor.
“No, no, dear Lord, make them stop.” Jones collapsed. His legs quivered as if he were experiencing an electrical shock. He kicked twice, whimpered
several times, and finally curled into a silent ball of flesh drawn tight into a fetal position. Where a human had stood moments ago, a body lay with
blood spewing from every orifice in its head.
Through the speaker, Thurman demanded, “What the hell’s going on back there?”
Graham pressed his thumb and forefinger beneath the corpse’s throat. “He’s dead.”
“Who’s dead?”
“Jones. His body’s twisted like a pretzel and there’s blood oozing from his eyes, his ears--Jesus, it’s coming out of everywhere. His brain must have
“But how? He wasn’t anyway near the convergent apex of the beams.”
Graham fell back against the console and wrapped his arms around his knees. He fixed on the pool of blood expanding outward into a circle around
the skull of his young friend and slowly rocked back and forth.
The deep voice broadcast from the speaker. “Graham, answer me. What the hell’s going on down there?” But there was no response until one of the
marine’s leaned over and replied, “Witt here, General. We have a condition three alpha. I recommend you send…”
Excerpt 1
Copyright 2011 by Michael W. Davis
Torn between past mistakes and her affinity for impossible relationships, Codi Emery is cast into a web of deception and intrigue.
Her new assignment in a compartmented facility, shrouded in extreme defensive measures and secrecy, pits the young intelligence
analyst against her emotions and nativity on what’s best for her career, and herself. Codi discovers an Arcanum program of
clandestine operatives sanctioned not by the government but the ire of a select group of patriots with a bold plan to rip the fragile
bonds of a troubled nation apart. She struggles against competing factions, her loyalty and her core beliefs. When she confronts her
findings, pleas for a sane explanation, something beyond her nightmares, the quest to understand the line between honor and treason
puts her at risk from a rouge element. Only the strength and determination of a young maverick Marine can save Codi from herself.
When the line between honor and treason fade
“Outstanding Novel! Mix a thrilling
government conspiracy with a romance
novel and you get ‘Righteous Fury’. Don’t
be fooled by the beginning, which is a bit
technical and peppered with government
acronyms, because very soon you’ll be
caught up in the colorful and dramatic lives
of real people. Ladies, there are some very
Dreamy men in this novel, so Do Not miss
meeting them! ‘Righteous Fury’ will hold
you captive at the edge of a cliff until the
very end. I loved it and plan to discover
more of Mr. Davis’ novels.” 5 stars
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